Site Access & Participating in Credit Auctions

Companies that qualify* for a Mobilis account pay no fees in 2012 to access the Mobilis trading platform, initiate auctions or bid on auctions.  Mobilis reserves the right to establish participation fees in the future.

Trading Fees

Our trading fees (paid by the company purchasing credits) are a percentage of the dollar value of the sales contracts executed by the buyer and seller. The fee schedule is disclosed in the Participation Agreement which is available to companies who qualify for a Mobilis Trading account.

Other Fees

Vehicle manufacturers qualifying for the Temporary Lead Time Allowance Alternative Standards (TLAAS) or the Small Volume Manufacturer (SVM) standards may be subject to special fees related to satisfying the good faith effort requirements in 40 CFR 86.1818-12(e) or 40 CFR 86.1801-12(k).

Note: All fees are set forth in the Mobilis Trading Participation Agreement which is provided to all qualifying companies prior to establishing an account with Mobilis.

* To establish an account with Mobilis, you must be subject to one or more of the regulatory programs in which Mobilis offers credit trading.  These currently include the following:

1) Vehicles Manufacturers

a) Light duty vehicle fuel consumption (49 CFR Parts 531 or 533)
b) Light duty vehicle GHG standards (40 CFR 86.1818-12)
c) Zero Emission Vehicle (Section 1962.1, Title 13, Cal. Code of Reg.))
d) California Low Emission Vehicle Program (Section 1961, Title 13, Cal. Code of Reg.)
e) S.177 State LEV, GHG, or ZEV Programs
f) Medium- and Heavy Duty Vehicle Fuel Efficiency Program (49 CFR Part 535)
g) Medium- and Heavy Duty Vehicle and Engine GHG Standards (40 CFR Part 1036 or 1037)

2) Engine Manufacturers

a) ABT Program for heavy duty highway diesel engines (40 CFR Part 86)
b) ABT Program for heavy duty highway gasoline engines (40 CFR Part 86)
c) ABT Program for nonroad CI engines (40 CFR Part 1039, Subpart H)
d) ABT Program for small nonroad SI engines (40 CFR Part 1054, Subpart H)
e) ABT Program for snowmobile SI engines (40 CFR Part 1051, Subpart H)
f) ABT Program for marine SI engines (40 CFR Part 1045, Subpart H)
g) ABT Program for locomotive engines (40 CFR Part 1033, Subpart H)

3) Fuels Producers 

a) California low carbon fuel standard (Title 17, Subchap. 10, Art. 4, Subarticle 7, CCR)
b) EPA ABT Program for benzene (40 CFR 80.1270-1295)

4) Fleet Operator/Owners

a) Alternative Fuel Vehicle Acquisition Requirements (10 CFR Part 490 Subpart D)

Our easy-to-use online trading platform makes it possible for automakers, engine manufacturers, fuels producers, and fleet operators to buy and sell regulatory compliance credits via forward auctions and reverse auctions.
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In a Forward Auction, a company with excess credits initiates an auction to sell credits and companies needing credits bid to buy them. As the auction proceeds, bidding drives up the price of the credits. When the auction ends, the company that has offered to pay the most for the credits is the winner.

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In a Reverse Auction, a company needing credits initiates an auction to purchase credits and companies with excess credits bid to sell their credits to that company. As the auction proceeds, bidding drives the price of the credits down. When the auction ends, the company that has offered to sell their credits for the least amount of money is the winner.

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